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May 2009-

Our site takes on a major overhaul.


We kept our logo the same familiar design, but we took a Web 2.0 approach!


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"Our latest independently conducted FDA Audit determined that we are one of the cleanest and best equipped contract tube fillers they have ever seen!!"

We are registered with the FDA and adhere to all cGMP standards.

cGMP Standards Information.


Design-A-Seal filling and sealing

We have Design-A-Seal change
parts for many shapes of seals
and sizes of tubes. Call us to
see if we have one for you.



Plastic and laminate Tube Filling

For all types of Mono and
Co� extruded tubes, we
have parts and expertise
to expertly fill and seal all
sizes and shapes.



Metal tube filling

For the easily dented
aluminum tube, we
have a specially designed
filling line to ensure a
fail rate of less than 3%!!



Complete Pack-out capabilities

Our extensive pack-out
area allows us to ensure
a smooth and expedient
process to save time
and money.



About The Collapsible Tube

"Incredible as it may sound, each day in the United states, nearly all of the nations 300 Million people use one, two, or even four or five tubes in their daily activity. So widespread is the use of tubes that every year since 1955 more than 3 billion tubes have been produced each year!


In all, there are six general categories of products in which metal tubes are used as packages:

  1. Dentifrice's
  2. Medical and pharmaceutical products
  3. Household and industrial products
  4. Cosmetic products
  5. Shaving Lathers
  6. Food products

It is no accident that these markets use so many metal tubes. They have ideal packaging characteristics for each of the products they contain. So excellent is the collapsible tube as a package for many products that Modern Packaging once said: "in it's ability to dispense viscous substances in easily controlled portions and to keep them fresh, potent and uncontaminated through long periods of intermittent use, the collapsible metal tube is probably unmatched by any other package."


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