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May 2009-

Our site takes on a major overhaul.


We kept our logo the same familiar design, but we took a Web 2.0 approach!


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"Our latest independently conducted FDA Audit determined that we are one of the cleanest and best equipped contract tube fillers they have ever seen!!"

We are registered with the FDA and adhere to all cGMP standards.

cGMP Standards Information.



More than 10 years ago, we realized that there were very few contract tube fillers that not only specialized in quality, but adapted to the needs of customers with varying quantities and materials being filled.

At the same time, Norden machinery of Kalmar, Sweden was in search for a strategic alliance to show off their latest technology�s and expertise. Voila, TFS was born.

We only use the latest and greatest machinery from Norden with all new support equipment and personnel with over 50 years of total experience!

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